New York Community Solar

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No rooftop panels

Stay with your current utility company

Save up to 10% on your  annual electricity costs

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Support local clean energy

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That’s it. No rooftop panels, no upfront costs, and no long term contracts. You do your part bringing clean solar to your state and save up to 10% on electricity to boot. Easy, right?

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Elinor, Nexamp Subscriber

"It’s an easy way to be part of the solution and save 10% on electricity."

"I love being green. I wanted to install panels on my house but I was told my house could not support them. I was shocked and then found Nexamp! I'm so happy I did!"

Linette M, Nexamp Subscriber

"Community solar made so much sense for us and helped us save money and use local green power.  And the fact that we now have a negative bill with our local utility is awesome!”

Thomas C, Nexamp Subscriber

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